India: My Food Photoblog

In October 2011, I spent a month in northern India doing an International Medicine clerkship for school. I flew in to New Delhi and took a train 6 hours north to Dehradun, in the foothills of the Himalayas, where I spent most of my time. I also visited Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Patti village, and Agra (the Taj Mahal!) It was always my goal to take photographs of the food I ate and post them on the blog. Obviously, it’s taken a ridiculously long time, but here we go! I apologize that the following pictures aren’t the greatest because A.) I’m no Ansel Adams and B.) I was using a circa 2004 digital camera. I hope you find the photographs interesting nonetheless. I obviously didn’t photograph everything I ate, but here are some of the food-related pictures.

A Rice Field in Patti

Cattle And Chicken Living Outside Together

Rinku’s Kitchen. Cook at Patti Village.

Rinku’s Scrambled Eggs And Chapati

Dinner in Patti. Chapati, Vegetable Curry, And Rice.

Another Dinner in Patti.

Peppers Growing in The Field.

Peppers Drying Out in The Sun.

A Whole Lotta’ Peppers.

Little Buddha Cafe in Rishikesh. Apparently One of The Best Hidden Restaurants in Town.

A Little Italian Food (Gnocchi) in India Courtesy of Little Buddha Cafe.

Veggie Momos (dumplings) at a Tibetan Restaurant (Doma’s) in Mussoorie.

Khowsuey is The Name of This Dish, I Believe, From Doma’s.

Momo Soup at Doma’s. Can You Tell I Liked This Place?

Idli With Sambar. South Indian Food in Mussoorie at Madras Cafe

More South Indian Food.

Rava Dosa, More South Indian Food.

Along The Street, Vegetables Over Chickens.

Fruit And Vegetable Man.

Gulab Jamun on a Street Corner. The BEST Dessert in India.

All things considered, I really loved India! The people were amazing and the food really was delicious! I honestly can’t wait to go back sometime soon. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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